The 5 Best Waterfall Hikes in Utah to Put Your Waterproof Gear to the Test

image of mountain with waterfall in Utah

Let’s be honest, the weather has been intense this summer. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some of the best waterfall hikes in Utah, so you can beat the heat. It’s also a great chance to try out our Bomber Mini Pro V2, a waterproof bag that is a great addition to waterfall hikes.  Waterfalls are gorgeous and unique, and make for great hiking destinations.

What makes waterfalls so unique?

  • When a river or stream flows over different types of rocks, the softer rock erodes faster than the harder rock. This can create a waterfall. 
  • Land formation forms waterfalls as well. If there is a natural cliff face or rock ledge, the water from the river falls over the edge.
  • Waterfalls have ten different classifications. These classifications include plunge, cascade, punchbowl, and more.
  • Waterfalls are so interesting because there is such a variety of depths and widths. They can be shallow, wide, and wandering, or they can be deep, focused, and intense. Or really, anything in between. Each waterfall is unique. With this list of hikes, you can experience a range of waterfalls.
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Now, let’s go chasing waterfalls!

Battle Creek Falls

Battle Creek Falls is a great out-and-back waterfall hike in Pleasant Grove. Most people hike to the base of the waterfall, but there is an option to go farther and continue up the canyon. When it is in full swing, you will often see people rappelling down the waterfall. This would be one of those times that a dry bag for hiking will be invaluable to you.

Bell Canyon

Bell Canyon has multiple waterfalls to enjoy along the way, although the first waterfall is said to be the coolest. It’s a pretty popular hike, and will give you gorgeous views of the Salt Lake Valley. There are a few natural stops as you go, and you can make the hike as easy or as difficult as you would like. The reservoir and many waterfalls means that you might need a waterproof bag for hiking. 

Emerald Pools

We would be very remiss if we didn’t include Zion’s National Park in our list of waterfall hikes. Like Bell Canyon, the Emerald Pools gives you an opportunity to choose the difficulty of your hike, while still enjoying the pools and waterfalls. Going in the spring gives you the most bang for your buck, but the scenery, red rocks, and waterfall majesty make for good hiking year-round. 

Donut Falls

Donut Falls gets its name from the fact that water comes through a hole, into a vaulted canyon, and onto the rocks (and people) below. The walls of the canyon are blanketed in mist. This calls for you to have a dry bag for hiking. But overall, it’s a fun, easy hike that you can do with the whole family.

Kanarraville Creek Canyon

The initial hike of Kanarraville Creek Canyon is pretty easy. It’s when you reach the waterfall that it gets challenging. There are two waterfalls in this slot canyon that flow all year. If you decide to go farther up the canyon, you’ll have to brave these falls. This hike requires wading through a stream to get to your destination. In other words, you will need good, waterproof shoes, and a waterproof bag to keep your stuff dry.

Let’s Go!

We know that TLC suggests don't to go chasing waterfalls, but with a list like this, how can you resist? If you’re ready to try out some of these waterfall hikes, it’s time to gear up. We have a collection of waterproof backpacks and bags that are perfect for keeping your stuff dry while you’re hiking a waterfall. Our Bomber Mini Pro V2 collection comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find your perfect fit. Be sure to grab one before you head out for a beaUTAHful waterfall hike!

Do you have a favorite waterfall hike? Have you tried our waterproof backpacks? Let us know in the comments!

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