Journey Hard

with Kiva Outdoors

Take the journey head on without worrying about your outdoor gear. Rappel that cliff, walk that slack-line, wade that water, and keep pushing. We all have a kiva, so get there with confidence.

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These are great bags. Mine keeps things dry and is comfortable to wear. Nicely done Kiva!

Matt K



I’ve taken this pack all over - Utah canyons, Idaho mountains, and Colorado rivers. Incredibly water proof and comfortable to boot!

Aleta V



It's durability and airtight waterproofing has kept my stuff dry and safe everytime I've used it. I highly recommend this backpack! 10/10!

Chad E



The backpacks are very light weight, very easy to carry, and very comfortable to carry.

Trey R



[The Kiva bag] was simple to latch and unlatch the top. The comfortable padded straps made carrying the gear around very easy.

Missy D



Adventurers Like You

We asked a crew of high-energy, highly-skilled adventurers to put Kiva products to the test. Learn what our products went through by visiting The Kiva Journey in the main menu above. If you are ready to protect your gear in style without the worry, click the button below to #JourneyHard!

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