Journey Hard

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Take the journey head on without worrying about your outdoor gear. Rappel that cliff, walk that slack-line, wade that water, and continue your adventure. We all have a kiva, so get there with confidence.

KIVA ThermoPlume Sleeping Bag - Classic Green Mummy KIVA ThermoPlume Sleeping Bag - Orient Blue Mummy KIVA PrimaLoft® Sleeping Bag - Raft Blue Mummy KIVA PrimaLoft® Sleeping Bag - Molten Lava Mummy KIVA PrimaLoft® Sleeping Bag - Lemon Chrome Mummy

PrimaLoft® Technology

Sleeping Bags

KIVA ThermoPlume sleeping bags are designed for more extreme conditions and will keep you warm through any storm. Compact, lightweight, and comfortable!

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Field-Tested by

Adventurers Like You

We asked a crew of high-energy, highly-skilled adventurers to put Kiva products to the test. See the Kiva Journey by clicking the button below. Learn what our products went through to ensure we provide you with the highest quality outdoor products that journey as hard as you do!

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