How To Turn Your Holiday Into an Outdoor Adventure

How To Turn Your Holiday Into an Outdoor Adventure

By: Kai Walkenhorst

The holidays are always an adventure. It can be stressful to find the right gifts, get them in time, and to make them as memorable as possible. Christmas time though is also one of the best times of the year to get together, to spend time with those you love, and celebrate life! There are many ways to do that and here are a few tips to spice up your holidays.

Nothing beats hot cocoa around the Christmas tree, right? But getting outside during the holidays might be one of the best ways to celebrate this season. Activities like snow shoeing, cross country skiing, or even hiking in the snow will bring your family and friends a ton of fun (especially if you are outdoor enthusiasts).  These ideas could even turn into a new annual tradition, as the season is meant to be spent together with the ones you love and taking a break from the stressors of life.

Take some time this season to hit the backcountry and do some cross country skiing! Everyone has the same idea to head to the mountains and send it down some mountains. Try taking your own route or find another back trail to see the beautiful powdered trees and enjoy that fresh winter air. It’s a great time to shred in the freshly laid powder. Take them all and show them how the holidays are done right. Just make sure you check the avalanche report before heading to the backcountry and protect your gear with heavy duty dry bags and backpacks.

Maybe skiing isn’t your thing, but that’s okay! Snowshoeing or hiking in the snow are always available options that help burn off that holiday eggnog and other sweet treats. There are so many beautiful places to be enjoyed. Check your local area for trails, hills, and areas designed for the snowshoer or hiker. Again, snowy conditions get wet, so having proper dry bags or waterproof backpacks to store your trailside snacks and drinks in is important. No one likes a soggy sandwich - so grab your Kiva bag and worry no more.

Enjoy your holiday adventures indoors and outdoors now before Frosty the snowman turns into a puddle, and gear up and get ready by visiting the Kiva Shop at If you’re quick enough you might be able to grab yourself a green or red bag for you and your friends to take part in the Christmas spirit. Tis’ the season! Stay safe and #JourneyHard.

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