Embrace the Chill: The 5 Best Water Activities to Enjoy this Fall

Embrace the Chill: The 5 Best Water Activities to Enjoy this Fall

As the days grow shorter and the air carries a crisp edge, the fall season illustrates a compelling scene that intrigues every outdoor enthusiasts. While summer might be the ideal time for water-based activities, the magic of fall unveils a whole new world of experiences on the water. From serene lakes to winding rivers, here are some of the best water activities we at Kiva like to enjoy during the cooler months of autumn.

1. Kayaking Amidst the Foliage:
As the leaves change to vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold, kayaking takes on a new dimension. Paddle through calm waters as you're surrounded by the stunning fall leaves reflecting in the water. Whether you explore serene lakes or winding rivers, kayaking offers a tranquil way to connect with nature's changing canvas.

2. Fall Fishing
Fall is a prime time for fishing, as many fish species become more active in the cooler waters. Grab your fishing gear and head to your favorite fishing spot to experience the joy of catching bass, trout, and more. The tranquil surroundings and the chance to reel in a big catch make fall fishing an appealing water activity.

3. Canoeing Through Scenic Rivers
Canoeing during the fall months offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of changing landscapes. Drift along calm rivers as you take in the breathtaking sights of colorful trees lining the banks. The crisp air and gentle current provide a soothing experience that's perfect for those seeking relaxation and introspection.

4. Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)
Stand-up paddle boarding isn't limited to just the warmer months. You don't need to wear a swimming suit to enjoy it! Bundle up and take your SUP board out onto the crisp water. The tranquility of gliding across the water's surface gives you a chance to appreciate the changing season from a different perspective.

5. Lakeside Bonfires and Campfires
While not a traditional water activity, combining the waterside with the coziness of a bonfire or campfire creates a peaceful experience. Set up by the lakeside, enjoy a warm drink, and watch the stars emerge as the fire crackles. Wouldn't be bad to have a Kiva camping chair to relax in either ;)

As the temperature drops and the colors change, don't let the fall season deter you from enjoying the water. From kayaking to fishing in cooler waters, fall offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature in a different light. So, bundle up, embrace the chill, and journey hard on a memorable adventure through or near the waters of fall.

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